August 9, 2011

Cake experimentation

So when my sister asked me to help make a birthday cake for my adorable nephew and his wife, I went right into research mode. Those of you who know me aren't too surprised about that now are you? :) It was to be a carrot cake, no nuts thank you. So off to the web and fellow blogger sites I went....and to my sweet chef of course.  I think I found "the recipe" to try, with wonderful additions such as pureed pineapple, what a fun experiment in the works. But  the request soon changed. "Can you make a Tres Leches cake instead?" Yes! (well I'll try).  I've been wanting to make one for a very long time.  

First of all, here is that adorable nephew of mine and his equally adorable wife when presented with their cake. Sweet huh!

I decided to try Pioneer Woman's recipe. If you haven't been to her blog you're really missing out. Check out her Tres Leche's Cake recipe here and hang out a bit on her site, you'll see why. That was one of the first food blogger sites I ventured into...her wit, humor and well the fantastic recipes kept me going back. 

The birthday boy and girl said the cake was great. But it didn't quite have that wow I was expecting.  
Yes it was fun to make.... 

...and very tasty. 

But not quite the fantastic moist milky goodness I expected. Hey there were TRES milks in that cake, well CUATRO if you count the regular milk baked into the cake, so milky goodness isn't too much to ask for right. :) The recipe calls for pouring all but one cup of the milk blend over a baked cake...but I think it really could have used that extra cup afterall.  So a good cake yes, and definitely a recipe I would try again with some modification (more milk, a slightly smaller pan, double layer maybe)...we'll see. So glad they liked it,  but a little more experimenting sounds just about right, and right up my alley.

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