February 19, 2010

The day before.....

Today is chef's birthday -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!

In a little more than 24 hours we will married....all the final pieces are being put in place for tomorrow, our first day as husband and wife. :)

February 15, 2010

The menu...

Chef suggested we have a tasting of our menu items for Valentine's Day. :) My oldest son and his wife flew in from Texas that morning, so we had a table full of cooks and then a yummy dinner to test out.  Okay it was a consensus, soooo good.
So, a special menu preview for those who have joined me by reading my blog over the past few months....thank you....and here's some of what my guy has in the works for our wedding reception. PS Happy Valentine's Day.

~ Baked scalloped potatoes
~ Asparagus sautéed with sundried tomatoes & bacon
~ Braised boneless beef short ribs served in a cabernet sauce
~ Stuffed chicken chili relleno, with roasted green chilies, pepperjack cheese and a creamy cilantro sauce

The Maid of Honor dresses...

My mom taught me how to sew years ago...I try my hand in it still, but thankfully she's great at it.  Her talents are MANY. Among them creating the most lovely dresses for two of my sisters, my maid of honors. Although both dresses are made from the same fabric, they're slightly different in's a sneak peek thanks to my sweet sister.

And the shoes that are so perfect...

February 6, 2010

The almost here

Time is on my side....I loved waking up this morning knowing that in just two little weeks I will be his wife.  It's amazing to me how God has worked throughout our lives, even before we knew of each other -- to bring us to the place where our paths crossed at just the right time, to fall in love so deeply.. and then to soon be one in His eyes. I will soon be marrying the man of my dreams...

The party-favors...

One of chef's very talented friends and chef herself, makes THE Most Delicious sugar cookies.

He brought a tray on the very long day we were at a hospital waiting for my granddaughter to be born...and in that waiting room we were in sugar cookie heaven. :)  As her wedding gift she is making 200 of the beauties for us to use as favors. So very blessed with her generosity.