December 31, 2009

The guestbook

Little fabric squares filled with messages and drawings by wedding guests, then later sewn together to form a wonderful momento quilt -- this is such a wonderful idea. I'm not sure what we'll do quite yet, but so far this is at the top of my list. A little different, but just speaks of warmth...and something my grandma would do. Fabrics, sewing, baking, all things that bring back thoughts of my sweet grandmother Eva.

December 29, 2009


A few things that caught my love love the colors and designs. Chef's favorite color is purple, just beautiful.

Welcome to my blog

Hello! This is my little wedding blog, and yes my sweetheart is a chef. He is amazing...his warmth and love is such a blessing. Did I already say he is amazing? We are getting married in less than two months (yay!) this will be a place for me to write down the joys of our planning for our wedding day, when I will become his wife. God is sooo good. :)

Recently we helped my son and his new bride with THEIR wedding. Chef created a delicious meal, with his stand-in sous chef, my brother. Their wedding was truly magical. Words cannot describe how much I love my sweet son and his wife. They are meant to share their lives together, and are as beautiful inside as they are out. {I miss you both so much.} Check out the adorable wedding cake topper my talented daughter-in-law made. Cute huh!