May 16, 2011


I found out about this incredible organization from Chef (aka my husband). :)   He was very blessed to be able to participate yesterday in preparing the meal for their Prom.  

ADONAI is a non-profit Christian organization that strives to help families that have a child with cancer or other life-threatening disease. From their website it appears they bring a lot to these families...including having fun.  And a prom, well what could be more fun that that?

 And it's more than just the meal, they.... 
"..collect gently used prom dresses & then host several "shopping days" for girls, moms, grandmas, & sisters to acquire a beautiful dress for our special night. Our families are given the royal treatment by our volunteers. The day begins with teams of volunteers styling hair, painting finger nails and make-up artists doing their make-up. The night consists of photographers taking family photos, boutonnieres, corsages, dinner, dancing, dance lessons, gifts for everyone & lots of door prizes. We have a crowd of 300 with a team of 75 volunteers to make this a very memorable night to our families.

What a blessing for my Chef to have been part of that night....

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  1. The Lord is so amazing in providing opportunities for us to serve and represent him. Just the smile on the families and kids faces was more then worth it. All Glory goes to our Heavenly Father. Prov. 17:17