January 12, 2010

The music....

We're starting to capture on paper the songs that touch us.

There is one in particular that I am drawn to, and have found can listen to over and over. Actually have been doing just that tonight  -- I'm sure the kiddo and Cooper the cockapoo are sooo over it by now. Not me....the words keep pulling me in and her voice is so angelic. First heard on our photographer's site recently.  When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss -- According to Wikipedia she is a bluegrass singer and fiddler, and at one time the most awarded female artist in Grammy history. You can listen to it on YouTube by clicking here.


  1. She is also married to the love of my life Elvis Costello!

  2. Aw! Are you going to use that song in Michael that you love? I miss you my mother in law!!

  3. Seriously, how fun...see Kim we are totally twins, can't be denied!

    Ah yesss Manda B! :) Such a great song....Bright Side Of The Road by Van Morrison. Miss you LOTS!